Getting moved into my studio. I still have several more paintings to hang. (Several of these paintings are available for purchase.)


After the Election I Imagine


After the election I imagine

all parties involved laying down their arms.

Talking heads will pause & breathe.

Soldiers around the world will board ships & come home.

Broken bridges will be righted, families united.

Roads paved,

shoes upon every child’s foot.

& food,

food for every hungry belly,

& water,

clean & pure poured upon every face,

in every glass.

& tables,

giant tables filled for everyone.


until then,

I’ll set the table,

I’ll cook some stew.

I’ll invite my friends, family,

& let them in. 

CB 10-16-18AA987729-018C-4BE3-BF51-4E23C986F74B

Election Rant

I’m tired of hearing

how crazy the king is.

He just gets crazier,

& all the people get madder,

marching & screaming,

screaming & marching,

& nothing changes.

Believe me I will vote,

what else can I do?

I will vote,

& maybe

the noise will get quieter,

& maybe

our people will work together,

& rebuild

our broken roads,

& mend

our tired bridges,

& end

all our endless wars.

CB 10-11-18 (watercolor by Charles Braddy 2018)